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And because I feel better I took a few pictures of the awesome limited edition of BF Light at the End. For the case some of you don’t have this beautiful piece of work and would like to see it.

You know, the televison anniversary special can’t make me sad or dissapointed or something like that because this is such awesome story, moreover wrapped in real awesomness and warm and loving work of Big Finish people. Whatever happens in TV special I’m okay with it and I’ll enjoy watching it once I get to watching it (surely not on the 23.11.) although I admit I’m not as excited for the TV special as I was (and still am) for this one from Big Finish. :)

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    That’s because this is a 50th anniversary celebration. The TV is only celebrating the last 8 years….
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    Must have!
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  9. doctorloki40 said: *grabby hands* I so need to be not broke and order this awesome! Thanks for the pictures! :D
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