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Tadaa! Fivey is barefooted shut up, no one will notice if you don’t say it Ahem, so… he’s finished. :)

Do you know that feeling when the thing you were working on comes out much better than you’ve expected and you just hardly believe you actually made this? (and yeah I finish him at 0:25 am and had to take pictures immediately (although I didn’t post them at the end), so I went to sleep about 1:30 again… %D )

  1. cosmic-angst said: i really like this one!
  2. fromsouptonuts said: Wow! Well done, it’s lovely <3
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  6. bravehearttristan said: Oh, he’s the cutest little thing!
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  8. fabricati-diem-pvnc said: Congratulations! He looks super amazing :D
  9. doctorloki40 said: FIVEY! He’s so awesome! *claps because he’s so good*
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