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She definitely doesn’t have enough of them! Yes for some reason it’s only CD on Frostfire, although we got the download from someone and then eventually bought the CD anyway. The Suffering with Vicki & Steven is pretty great, have you heard that one?

Well, I guess Frostfire is only on CD because it’s from the very first audios and these were only on CDs if I got it right. Although I don’t understand why couldn’t they make them available as download as well… Well, what can we do. :shrugs:

No I’ve heard  just Upstairs and Starborn so far. Thanks for recomendation! :) (although I’m still gonna end up buying all remaining CCs with Vicki anyway :D (well maybe not on CD if there’s some other only on CD too)

Starborn was lovely. We love her voice too, such a perfect voice for audio. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

I did very much indeed! I must buy more Vicki CCs next time… does she have “enough” of them? (I mean if there wasn’t only about two other or so). (not that it would make any difference so I wouldn’t buy them or something.) (I mean it totaly would make some difference - there would be only little to listen to! %D).

I have one more with her to listen to - Frostfire. It was bit of an accident, because I didn’t notice it’s only on CD and only when I searched for it in downloads and it wasn’t there I was wondering why and then I saw it’s just  CD… I don’t know if I would buy it if I notice it’s just a CD. The only CD I bought were Light at the End. Well, never mind, end of unnecessary information :))

During pauses at yesterday/today’s night shift I listened to BF CC Starborn and it was wonderful! Maureen’s voice is beautiful and she sounds exactly like Vicki - I mean doesn’t sound older or any different to me, it’s wonderful! I noticed that already when listening to Upstairs, but this one was even moreso because it was just her talking almost most of the time and it was fantastic. And the story is great and it’s just brilliant, loved it so much! <3

Anonymous asked
do you have any blogs/posts about period fashions?


We have a few links that might be of service!

Blogs, you ask?

  • costumehistory: History of Fashion and Costume throughout the centuries. (thanks, anon!)
  • fashionsfromhistoryHistorical Fashions From The Past
  • ornamentedbeing. (thanks, anon!)
  • ravensquiffles: Goth, dressmaker, birdwatcher, lover of graveyards, churches, cathedrals and all things Victorian. (thanks, anon!)
  • fashioninhistory: A blog that showcases the works of designers from the 1700’s to the 21st century. (thanks, anon!)
  • historicalfashion: A blog posting historical fashion garments, portraits, or drawings from the Middle Ages to the 1950s, and some special exceptions for later dates. This includes photographs, explanation of the garment, and historical details. Long live the past!
  • mimic-of-modes: What it says on the tin.
  • howpeoplelived: This is a blog all about social history and the weird stuff that used to fly, from customs to costumes. I’ll try to cover historical themes from all over the world.
  • fripperiesandfobs: Pictures of costumes, both historic and modern.
  • 18thcenturyfashion: The fragments that are left to us in paintings and antiques, how we view it in film and popular culture and anything else that catches my eye.
  • damesalamode: Historic Ladies in Fashion- fashion plates from the 18th and early 19th centuries.
  • the-vintage-dress: This blog is where I express my love of vintage dresses.
  • awesomefashions: Cool fashions; all time periods.
  • defunctfashion: Historic Fashion and Exceptional Recreations
  • yeoldefashion: Pictures from fashion history.
  • oldrags: Fashion history blog (Favorite decades: 1910’s, 1800’s, 1870’s)
  • omgthatdress: A blog for fashion and history.
  • hatsfromhistory: I love hats. Especially historical hats. If I think they are beautiful, unusual, or interesting I’ll put them up here.
Not Tumblr (Still Awesome):

Thank you for your question!


Anonymous asked
whats ur bra size

I think it was 75 B when I was buying proper bra last time. At least that’s marking in our country, but since th sizes of clothes differ in some other countries, I guess it would be the same for underwear?

You ask because you want to buy me one, Grey Face? Well, I could do with some new proper bra. But please without underwire and padding(?) or push-ups and so, thank you very much ;)

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