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He enjoyed reading and writing. He liked words. Words didn’t shout or make loud noises, which pretty much defined the rest of his family. They didn’t involve getting muddy in the freezing cold. They didn’t hunt inoffensive animals, either. They did what he told them to.
So, he’d said, he wanted to write.

Terry Pratchett: The Truth (via taweret)

the pain of loving early Who - so few photos available of the cast!
Well, I guess I still could find quite enough not-so-far-used-for-pertwednesday-photoset pictures on Tragical history tour web. If I wasn’t lazy. And tired from work (today. Just lazy the other days %D).
But otherwise it’s true as well of course. Not mentioning totally any chance to meet some of them anymore…
Anonymous asked
Do they have electricity in your country?


No, I built this computer out of a tree branch, a dead bug and a bunch of mud and I power it using the sun light a coconut and my own feces